On Friday August 26, the Kin Club of Orléans & District presented Trent Young with a Hal Rogers Fellow award at the 11th Annual Marsha Morton Memorial Golf Tournament. Mr. Young has been a major contributor to the success of the tournament throughout its history. He obtains the majority of sponsors for the golf tournament through his business connections as president and chief executive officer of Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers, and also provides  volunteers from his business to help out on tournament day!  The Marsha Morton Memorial Golf Tournament has raised an average of $16,500 over the last three years for the battle against cystic fibrosis (CF). Marsha Morton died at the age of 12 from CF, the most common fatal genetic disease that affects Canadian children and young adults. There is no cure.

Mr. Young’s contributions extend beyond the Marsha Morton Memorial Golf Tournament. In 2012 his brokerage backed a successful bid for the Aviva Community Fund by Kaiden’s Care Kits (now CFC Resource Kits), a collection of tools and information for new parents of babies diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Mr. Young has a long history with Kinsmen.  He was a charter member of the Kinsmen Club of Orleans & District in 1979, and served on the club executive for many years.  He received the Kinsmen of the Year Award, and was also a GEM (Get Expansion Minded) Award winner.  Trent has a drive to support the community which has provided so much to him.