Remember the Portraits of Honour Tour in 2011?  The tour featured a 10′ x 50′ hand-painted mural depicting the 158 Canadian soldiers, sailors and aircrew who lost their lives serving in Afghanistan. The mural was created by Cambridge (Preston) Kinsman and artist Dave Sopha took over 6,500 hours to paint.

Portraits of Honour Mural, depicting the 158 Canadian soldiers, sailors, and aircrew who lost their lives while serving in Afghanistan. May we never forget them.

The Kin Canada Foundation, on the eve of the Project’s 10th Anniversary, funded the production of a set of videos that look back through the eyes and voices of the artist and others who led the project.  Through these videos, we look back on the coast-to-coast Canadian tour, where hundreds of thousands Canadians had a chance to play tribute to our soldiers.

The new videos:

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